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"Try-Athlon Fitness & Yoga Fundraiser

Join us in some fun movement and/ or food and drinks on Saturday, November 18, from 12-3pm at Carozza Fitness. 

The first half of the event will be team taught by your favorite or soon to be favorite instructor: Suzanne Vita Palazzo, Carl Battinelli, Jessica Van Sciver, Mike Carozza, Katy Ingulli, Ann Russell, to name a few, followed by food, drinks, and an amazing raffle! Come move your body or share a bite with your local community to help another community! 

All donations raised will go directly to support the work of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Since October 8th, Sonoma County has been reeling from the aftermath of several wildfires. I hope to bring our east coast community together to help the Bay Area community!

$5 raffle tickets!
Raffle prizes include: 
10 Beth Shaw’s 3rd Edition YogaFit Book, 10 YogaCore DVD’s, and a certificate for a complimentary Level 1 YogaFit teacher training training

gift cards to: Coalhouse Pizza, T's Pizza, and Blind Rhino

Coffee ten pack from Pacific Cycling & Triathlon and fresh coffee from Zumbach's Coffee in New Canaan, 

Month memebership to Upper Deck and Stamford Yoga

Class card to Dew Yoga

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